Frequently Asked Questions

Should I put Silver Tree Vodka, or any of your products, in the freezer to chill?

No. It is dangerous to put any corked bottle which contains liquid in the freezer. The cork will shrink and the alcohol will evaporate, leaving just water. Eventually, the bottle will freeze and crack, and may even explode. Most people believe that placing vodka in a freezer will “make it smoother.” The reason for this claim is that freezing of any liquid will deaden its taste. If a less well-crafted vodka begins with an undesirable taste, it is no surprise that someone would want to deaden its taste. However, with a well crafted vodka like Silver Tree, the distiller would like you to taste every nuance this distinctive spirit has to offer and recommends that you enjoy it neat or in a cocktail that is shaken with ice.

Since there are no preservatives added to your products, what is the shelf life of your fruit liqueurs and whiskies both before and after they are opened?

Our unopened products should keep 1 year, if kept slightly cooler than room temperature and not exposed to continual, intense light such as sunlight or a lamp placed directly near the bottle. For best flavor, we recommend using your opened product within 30 days. Over time, some of the intensity of color and taste will fade. Once opened, all of our liqueurs should be stored in the refrigerator. Do not place any of our products in the freezer, as it is dangerous to put any corked bottle in the freezer.

Why is there sediment in the bottom of my bottle?

Since we do not filter our products, over time a small amount of sediment will settle to the bottom of the bottle. Filtration would remove some of the better flavors, so we do not filter.

How do I purchase your spirits?

If you live in Colorado, California, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, Washington D.C., Wyoming, Nevada, or Idaho, you may click here for a list of retail stores that carry our spirits. If you do not, you can purchase it over the Internet from one of our retail partners: click here.