SILVER MEDAL 88 points The Beverage Tasting Institute

SILVER MEDAL San Francisco World Spirits Competition

We start by coarsely grinding a proprietary blend of freshly roasted coffee beans. Then, we flood the grounded blend with hot water and press the grounds in a 25 liter water press. Unlike paper filters with tighter pores, the press roughly screens the coffee grounds, allowing the full flavor of each coffee bean to continue through to the spirit. Fans of properly prepared, full-bodied coffee will truly enjoy the rich, savory complexities that only come only from Frenchpress coffee.

Once it is pressed, we immediately mix the coffee with our eaux-de-vie and add a pinch of cane sugar to balance the acidity of the coffee. Unlike our other spirits, we immediately bottle the result while the spirit is still warm to the touch so that we may capture all the fresh flavors, aromas, and oils of the fresh coffee.

This liqueur is for true coffee lovers who will delight at the dusting of coffee grounds at the bottom of each hand-numbered bottle. It makes sumptuous White Russians, and it is a sheer delight drizzled on vanilla ice cream. We invite you to try some of our favorite recipes or experiment on your own.