GOLD MEDAL 90 points The Beverage Tasting Institute

SILVER MEDAL San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Its name derived from slang for local telemark skiers, Three Pins is a traditional mountain villa herbal liqueur made from a proprietary blend of over a dozen herbs and flowers, most of which are found along the alpine trails and remote mountain passes that the Three Pinner calls home.

The alpine herbs are blended with small amounts of ginkgo biloba, echinacea, coriander, and orange zest before they are mixed with spirits and aged in small glass carboys.

When the time is right, the botanicals are strained from the liqueur, and it is bottled. Three Pins is not filtered, allowing the full flavors of the botanicals to express themselves in each bottle. Each hand numbered batch of Three Pins will be slightly different, and yields just 20 cases of world-class liqueur.

Three Pins can be enjoyed neat, chilled, or in a variety of high-country cocktails. We invite you to try a few of our favorites by clicking here.