GOLD MEDAL 95 points The Beverage Tasting Institute

If you really want to capture the flavor, the color, and the very essence of a fresh, mountain-grown blackberry, look no further than our Rocky Mountain Blackberry Liqueur. As with all of our liqueurs, we use only natural fruit for flavoring; no artificial flavors, colors, or additives. In fact, over four pounds of blackberries harvested from the Northwestern edge of the Rocky Mountains go into every bottle.

Blackberry Liqueur, also called Crème de Mure, is a staple ingredient in many classic cocktails, such as the Blackberry Bramble or the Rum Runner. The blind tasting review panel at the Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI) awarded our Blackberry Liqueur 95 points and a Gold Medal, making this the highest rated American-made liqueur. BTI raved, "Very pure and rich and complex. Will make stupendous berry cocktails or enjoy as a dessert or digestif after meals."

Here at the distillery, we enjoy it most on the rocks topped with a bit of soda water, although a few of us will drizzle it over cheesecake or ice cream. In case you are looking to be a bit more adventurous, however, try one of our favorite recipes by clicking here.