A traditional serving of absinthe consists of slowly diluting the spirit by way of an absinthe fountain or carafe with three to five parts ice water and a sugar cube through a perforated spoon. Until the late 1990's in the Czech Republic, the absinthe-soaked sugar cube was never lit afire, and is not advised. Absinthe is also  enjoyed as a versatile ingredient in many classic cocktails. Some of those recipes can be found here.

Leopold Bros.

Absinthe Verte

First released in 2008

65% Alc. by Vol. 130 Proof

Our Absinthe Verte is produced following the traditions of 19th Century European master distillers. That means we start with a grape distillate base (in our case, this means imported Chilean Pisco) and add the required ingredients to constitute absinthe: anise seed, fennel, and grande wormwood. Other botanicals are also added to our small batch still. Following distillation of this blend, we naturally color the result by steeping the distillate in coloring herbs such as lemon balm and hyssop. The result is a brilliantly emerald green spirit that is the perfect touch for classic cocktails such as The Sazerac. 


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