Our Leopold Bros. Aperitivo is the first American take on the classic bitter aperitivo (also known as aperitif in France). Aperitivo originates from the Latin word “to open”. The spirit is a mainstay of Old World dining culture as the opening note to a meal, big or small. In the U.S. and around the world, diners and drinkers alike have enjoyed it in Negronis, spritzes, and paired with soda and lime. 

Leopold Bros.


First released in 2015

24% Alc. by Vol. 48 Proof

In line with the traditional Italian style, the spirit centers around major flavor components: bitterness from gentian root and sweetness from cane sugar. Citrus is the third major component, so we add distilled coriander and grapefruit peels to give Leopold Bros. Aperitivo a bright, citrus aroma. We mix these components with a variety of fragrant flowering botanicals, including hyssop and Artemsia pontica. 


We color the cordial with natural cochineal, which adds the vibrant red color that one expects from a traditional Aperitivo as it has been used in spirits for hundreds of years. Leopold Bros. Aperitivo makes the ideal Negroni with our Leopold’s Navy Strength American Gin

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