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Wholesale & Distribution

Where are your spirits currently distributed? 

Our spirits are currently available for purchase in: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Washington D.C., and Wyoming.  Please keep in mind that not every state carries the entire Leopold Bros. portfolio.

Do you self-distribute your spirits?

No.  We work with a variety of distribution companies across the country.  Please contact for more information. 

Tasting Room, Tours & Events


Do you have a tasting room?



Where is the tasting room located?

The tasting room is located at our distillery at 5285 Joliet Street, Denver CO 80239. We are located one block east of Havana Street, between 51st Avenue and East 53rd Avenue.

Is your Tasting Room open to the public?

Yes. Our tasting room is open on Saturdays from 11am-5pm. 

Can we sample spirits, buy bottles, and merchandise?

During our open hours, you may purchase spirits and merchandise, and sample up to five different spirits for $5.00 per person. With every samples flight purchase $5.00 will be deducted from any purchase of bottles. 

Do you give distillery tours to the public?

Yes. We currently offer public tours/tastings on Saturdays. We do accept walk-ins, but highly recommend making reservations under the "Visit us" tab as space is limited. The tour is $20 per person and offers complementary samples our spirit portfolio as well as 10% off of all 750ml bottles and merchandise with the exception of specialty bottlings. We ask that you arrive fifteen (15) minutes before your tour time with closed toed shoes and plenty of questions! 


Why do you charge for public tours?

Colorado state law dictates that we can offer no more than four samples of our spirits free of charge.  As we make 20+ different spirits, we hope to provide you with a full, rich experience the first time you visit us.  In keeping with our longstanding commitment to support our local community, we donate the net proceeds from tours to the following local, non-profit organizations: Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, Colorado Symphony, Project Angel Heart, and Outdoor Lab Foundation.

Can you accommodate walk-in, or impromptu tours?

If spots are still available on one of our tours, we would be happy to have you join our tour.  Otherwise we cannot accommodate walk-in or impromptu tours. 


What do we do on the tour? Do we get to help with bottling spirits, or anything like that?

Tours begin in our tasting room with a brief introduction to the company's history.  We'll then take you through the production area to see the steps of malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation, and packaging.  We'll be offering a few samples of our spirits during this time.  We'll return to the tasting room to try more samples.  Currently our insurance policies do not permit anyone other than Leopold Bros. personnel to bottle spirits and assist with production. 

Is there anything I need to bring when I visit the distillery?

Please bring a valid photo I.D. as all guests must be age 21+. If you are coming in for a tour, please wear closed-toe shoes as we will be spending time on the production floor.  Jackets and coats are not required, but please keep in mind that the distillery can be 65-80 degrees inside depending the time of year. 

Will I be able to purchase Leopold Bros. spirits at the distillery?

Yes. In addition to our spirits, we also offer an assortment of merchandise including cocktail bar tools, glassware, t-shirts, and more. 

Is there a bar at that distillery that will serve cocktails when I come in for my tour?  Can I buy a drink if I walk in during public hours?

Yes. We serve a limited menu of specialty cocktails at our tasting room.

Do you offer food?

At this time we do not offer food.  We recommend eating before you visit the distillery.  You can bring your own snacks if you wish, but we cannot heat or refrigerate your items as we do not have kitchen facilities.

Do you offer a shuttle service or other transportation?

No.  Please plan for responsible transportation to and from the distillery, with the knowledge you will be consuming multiple samples of high proof spirits. 

What are your smoking, vaporizer and cannabis policies?

For safety purposes, smoking or vaporizing of any kind is prohibited.

Can I bring my teenager, baby, or child on the tour?

No.  We require that all visitors to the distillery are age 21+. 


What about pets?

No.  Properly licensed service animals are of course welcome at the distillery.

Products & Process

Are your spirits vegan friendly?

We can confirm that following Leopold Bros. spirits do not contain any animal byproducts.  None of these products are filtered through wool or made with any other animal byproducts:


Leopold's Silver Tree American Small Batch Vodka

Leopold's American Small Batch Gin

Leopold's Navy Strength American Gin

Leopold's Summer Gin

Leopold's Gin No. 25

Leopold Bros. American Small Batch Whiskey 

Leopold Bros. Maryland-Style Rye Whiskey

Leopold Bros. Straight Bourbon

Leopold Bros. Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Leopold Bros. Three Chamber Rye

Leopold Bros. Absinthe Verte


The following spirits contain honey:


Leopold Bros. Maraschino Liqueur


The following spirit contains cochineal, a completely natural scarlet dye made from crushed insect:

Leopold Bros. Aperitivo 

Read more on cochineal here: The New York Times: The Secret to that Bright Red Drink? Little Bugs


We have exhaustively researched the origins of the ingredients of the remaining spirits in our portfolio, but cannot confirm that any sugars used in these spirits were not filtered through bone char.

Do any of your spirits contain high-fructose corn syrup, glycol, glycerin, artificial coloring, artificial preservatives, and/or petroleum byproducts? 


Do any of your spirits contain sugar? 

Some of our spirits do contain sugar. The amount of sugar in a particular spirit can vary from season to season. Some very little to none while other seasons require a few ounces per bottle. This is due to the nature of the real fruit, botanicals, and spices we receive to maintain a consistent flavor profile. 


Leopold Bros. spirits that may contain sugar:


Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey

Leopold Bros. Michigan Cherry Whiskey

Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Blackberry Whiskey

Leopold Bros. New Apple Whiskey

Leopold Bros. Aperitivo

Fernet Leopold Highland Amaro

Leopold Bros. Maraschino Liqueur

Leopold Bros. American Orange Liqueur

Leopold Bros. Sour Lime Cordial

Leopold Bros. Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur

Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Blackberry Liqueur

Do you chill filter any of your spirits?


Do you offer any smaller format bottles?

We do offer our gins in 200ml bottles and our liqueurs in 375ml bottles. 

Do you ever sell any used Leopold Bros. barrels for display or aging? 

While barrels come up for sale for display or aging rarely, we do accept requests to purchase used barrels when they do.  Please email your contact information, and if you are interested in a display barrel or watertight barrel to

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes.  Please visit our tasting room during our public storefront hours, or contact

How long will my bottle of fruit whiskey or liqueur stay fresh once opened?

Once opened, most of our fruit whiskies and liqueurs last 60-120 days before oxidizing.  If stored in a fridge, most bottles stay fresh for up to 12 months.

I have a concern about my bottle of Leopold Bros. What do I do?

Please email to contact us. 

Other Questions

Do you have a mailing list or newsletter for announcements on events, new products, etc.?

Yes. Please navigate to the Contact page to add your email to the mailing list.  We will never share your information with third parties. 

If I share my contact information with you through the Contact page, or by booking a tour online, what do you do with my information?

We will never share or sell your information to a third party.  We will not put you on a mailing list unless you request it. 

Will you ship spirits if I purchase them from you? 

Unfortunately our licensing does not permit us to ship spirits directly to consumers.

I work with the media, and have an interview and/or image(s) request.

Please contact with your inquiry. 

With whom do I speak to about marketing opportunities?

Please contact with your inquiry. 

Are you hiring or seeking interns?

While we are not hiring at this time, we always welcome you to submit your resume for consideration.  Please email your resume to

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