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20% ABV / 40 Proof We begin by pressing a proprietary blend of freshly roasted coffee beans in our twenty-five litre waterpress. The press acts like a sieve, preserving the full-bodied, natural flavor of the beans once the coffee has been added to our spirit. We then add a touch of raw cane sugar to balance the acidity, and bottle the blend while it is still warm to lock in the fragrant coffee aroma. The result is perfect for classic cocktails or any dessert menu. First release: 2002 Availability: Year-round Available bottle size: 750ml Good to Know: Bottles may contain natural coffee sediment. To disperse sediment, simply turn bottle upside down 1-2 times before opening. This spirits is proudly made with real coffee beans, and no artificial preservatives. As such, the coffee will naturally oxidize over time. We recommend consuming within 60 days of opening if left open at room temperature. To extend further, place bottle in a refrigerator for up to 120 days. Leopold Bros. Frenchpress-Style American Coffee Liqueur
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