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30% ABV / 60 Proof We start by de-stoning and macerating famous Colorado Palisade peaches, then strain and juice the peaches and blend the result with our whiskey. Later, we rest the whiskey in charred American oak barrels, where notes of vanilla, raisin, and oak are pulled from the barrel itself. The spirit is naturally colored by the barrel and peach juice, without the aid of artificial coloring agents. Lastly, we bottle the finished whiskey by hand to maintain the integrity of the caramelized peach finish. First release: 2005 Availability: Year-round Available bottle size: 750ml Good to Know: Bottles may contain natural fruit sediment. To disperse sediment, simply turn bottle upside down 1-2 times before opening. Our spirits are proudly made with real fruit, and no artificial preservatives. As such, the fruit will naturally oxidize over time. We recommend consuming within 60 days of opening if left open at room temperature. To extend further, place bottle in a refrigerator for up to 120 days. Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey
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