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"We don't just malt. We mash for our own line of James Beard Award nominated spirits, so we're operating on a different level than other maltsters. If our maltings aren't top-notch, we're going to be the first to feel it." - Todd Leopold


This is the malt that started it all. For years we've used it to create our acclaimed vodka, bourbons, and rye whiskies. Our Distiller's Malt reflects cooler germination temperatures resulting in an abundance of diastatic power and beta glucanese for full conversion. Paired with higher than industry-standard kilning temperatures, faint notes of malty grass materialize. 


We believe off-the-shelf enzymes demolish fermentable sugars, yielding abnormal amounts of glucose. We're looking for a healthy array of sugars, including maltose and maltotriose. That's why all of our spirits are made without exogenous enzymes in the mash tun for starch conversion. This collection of sugars promotes clean fermentations that minimize the production of ethyl acetate and other negative congeners that make finished spirits taste "hot".

Color °L 1.2 - 1.7°

Moisture % Max 5.0%

Extract FG Min 80.0% 

Usage Rate up to 100% 


Our Whiskey Malt shines a light on those crucial differences between beer and whiskey fermentations.


An all-malt mash used by distillers does not need high diastatic power. That's why our Whiskey Malt is kilned at higher temperatures, and at an elevated moisture content to generate precursors to Maillard reactions. Final curing temperatures are well over 200° Fahrenheit. 

The result surrenders the nuttiness of a Vienna malt, and the toffee richness of a Munich malt. 


Enjoy the malt used at our family distillery to create our upcoming malt whiskey, fermented and distilled on-site, then laid to rest in Oloroso sherry casks at a low barrel-entry proof of 50% abv.

Color °L 4.2 - 6.2°

Moisture % Max 4.5%

Extract FG Min 78.0% 

Usage Rate up to 100% 


The hallmark of a Pilsner malt is the light grassy note that comes from keeping the final kiln temperatures under 180 Fahrenheit. This note is essential for the balanced character of many lager styles.


Our Pilsner Malt is germinated on the floor at traditionally cool temperatures, allow for thorough beta glucan degradation while at the same time slowing the synthesis of enzymes, lower the diastatic power of the finished malt.


This lower diastatic power gives brewers more control over the terminal gravity in the mash tun, allowing for the slightly sweet finish that is key to producing many Bavarian-style lagers. It is a fine choice for Helles, Pils, and Landbier production.

Color °L 1.6 - 2.4°

Moisture % Max 4.0%

Extract FG Min 80.0% 

Usage Rate up to 100% 


When enzyme formation is set aside as the main goal of the malting process, it opens up opportunities for more flavorful and aromatic base malts.


We use higher and more sustained temperatures during the curing process, lifting the color, releasing richer malt notes, and building a true palate fullness.


Cooler traditional floor germination temperatures allow for the complete beta glucan reduction needed for top performance in the lauter tun. The lower diastatic power that results from these higher curing temperatures will give the brewer more control in the mash tun. This opens the door for higher, yet shelf stable gravities needed for an array of beer styles.

Color °L 3.0 - 4.5°

Moisture % Max 4.0 - 5.0%

Extract FG Min 80.0% 

Usage Rate up to 100% 


We are proud to offer carefully selected USDA organic oats, as certified by Oregon Tilth, an American non-profit organization dedicated to supporting organic food and farming. 

By using our traditional floor germination practices, our oats retain their husks to enable a smooth a lautering process.


For enhancing the mouthfeel and foam of any beer style, we recommend using 5% in grist. When used up to 20% grist, stouts and Porters are imbued with silky texture, and enhances the hazy appearance of IPAs. 

Color °L 1.5 - 2.0°

Moisture % Max 7.0%

Extract FG Min 74.0% 

Usage Rate up to 20%