It is not advised to put any corked bottle which contains liquid in the freezer. The cork shrinks and the alcohol evaporates. The bottle will freeze, crack, and potentially explode. Freezing will deaden the vodka's taste, and numb the palate.  With Silver Tree, we would like you to taste every nuance this distinctive spirit has to offer and recommends that you enjoy it neat or in a cocktail.

Leopold's Silver Tree

American Small Batch


First released in 2001

40% Alc. by Vol. 80 Proof

Leopold Bros. distills Silver Tree American Small Batch Vodka from a unique blend of potatoes, malted barley, and summer wheat to give it the character of a grain-based vodka and the silky finish of a potato vodka. It is only lightly filtered, endowing it with a full-bodied mouthfeel. Served alone or mixed, Silver Tree American Small Batch Vodka sets the standard as the ideal vodka for any bar.


Gold Medal (93 Points), Beverage Tasting Institute


Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2009


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